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Located in Pasadena, California, Fountain & Hattersley represent individuals throughout Southern California and the San Gabriel Valley area who have been charged with a Crime or are under Criminal Investigation. We represent clients in all of the communities in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties - including the cities of Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, Covina and West Covina, Alhambra, Glendora, Pomona, Monterey Park, Temple City, Azusa, Monrovia and other local communities.

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Domestic Violence

Under California law if you strike, shove or cause any kind of injury to your spouse or a person you are cohabiting with or dating, you could be charged with a misdemeanor crime. A conviction for a domestic violence crime can have serious immigration consequences if you are not a citizen. Also, you will have to attend a year-long program of domestic violence classes. In addition, the court could issue a restraining order so that you might have to move out of the family residence. Further, you could face doing some serious jail time.

Another consequence of such a conviction is that it could keep you from getting hired when you seek employment. AND, the State of California could revoke your license to practice as a school teacher, physician, contractor, real estate broker or any other trade or profession which requires a State issued license.

It is obvious that in order to avoid some or all of the mentioned onsequences resulting from a criminal conviction for domestic violence, you need a very good lawyer who has experience handling domestic violence offenses. The lawyers at Fountain & Hattersley deal with domestic violence cases on a frequent basis. We know how to protect your rights and to minimize the consequences if you have been arrested for a domestic violence crime.

Matters get even worse if you cause serious bodily injury to your spouse or cohabatant. You will then be charged with a felony and could get up to four years in the state prison.

Often, couples want to reconcile and the spouse or partner who filed the complaint will try to drop the charges. Unfortunately, once you are arrested and brought into the criminal justice system for domestic violence, it is up to the prosecutor whether or not to proceed with the case-and they usually do. That is why you need lawyers with the experience of Fountain & Hattersley to help present your case to the prosecutor in an effort to mitigate matters and do as much damage control as possible. Attorney Fountain recently worked out a deal with the prosecutor where his client was a doctor charged with domestic violence. The case was eventually dismissed which saved the doctor's medical license.

Domestic violence issues often arise because of the financial stress that a couple may be going through. Sometimes drug and/or alcohol abuse is involved. Often there are children who will also suffer if one of the parents is arrested, goes to jail, is thrown out of the house, loses his or her job, etc. The lawyers at Fountain & Hattersley are aware of the family issues that are at stake when one of the spouses or partners is arrested for domestic violence. We are very experienced and know the law and procedure which we can use to argue to the court and the prosecutors in an effort to help mitigate the consequences of a pending domestic violence case.

Contact an Experienced Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Put in your corner, Fountain & Hattersley who are domestic violence defense lawyers with a reputation for obtaining results and zealously fighting for and protecting your rights. You do not need to face domestic violence charges alone and become victimized by the system. The lawyers at Fountain & Hattersley are very experienced in defending domestic violence cases and know how to give you excellent, experienced counsel and advice. Call our office at (626) 793-4111 for a free initial telephone consultation to discuss your personal situation and/or criminal problem. If you prefer, you can fill out our intake form and we will contact you.

Understand your options and put a team in your comer that is prepared to fight to protect your rights if you are charged with a domestic violence crime.